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      Neobux is one of the best PTC sites on the web, online and paying since 2008. A lot of people join this site but unfortunately they quit before they even realize what is this all about. On this page you get paid to visit sites and complete offers and tasks. They also have a sort of adgrid (adprize) where you can earn cash, points and even account upgrades. They reset the ads once a day, but they put more ads from time to time. You might want to install the adalert they`ve created for your browser so you don`t miss any of this ads.

     From visiting the sites you`ll earn +/-0.02$ everyday so you might need something else to earn more from this site. Renting referrals is the best way to increase your earnings on Neobux. As a standard user you`re allowed to rent up to 300 referrals (100 referrals per week). You can wait and rent referrals as you earn money on Neobux, but it will take too long, so if you have money I recommend you to invest it (you`ll need 60$ to start, 20$ per 100 referrals for 3 weeks). On the referrals panel leave the Autopay enabled so the referrals pay themselves from their work. You`ll earn a little bit less but you don`t have to worry about renewing them. Don`t worry about the referrals that don`t enter, they will renew automaticaly after 15 days of inactivity. If you don't use the Autopay method, you`ll have to check your referral stats daily and before they expire (30 days), you`ll have to extend their rental. The most efective way is to extend their rental for 240 days as you`ll have a discount of 30%.

     Once you`ll have the 300 referrals you`ll earn 3$-4,5$ everyday more or less. The next step is to wait and earn the money to upgrade your account to Golden - 90$/year (0.25$/day). Once you`ll upgrade, you`ll double your earnings and you can rent up to 2.000 referrals. Now you can upgrade again your account to earn even more or just stick to the 2.000 referrals and enjoy.   

  Are you convinced that you can make good money on Neobux? You can join it by clicking my link bellow:   Thank you!