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     This site is one of oldest and most trusted PTC on the web, online and paying since 2007. Here you can earn from visiting sites, clixgrid (up to 5$), taking surveys and completing offers and tasks. Note that in order to earn from the tasks you have to join Crowdflower first. Clixsense also have an earning checklist and if you view 2 ads, 20 clixgrid ads , visit the forum and complete at least 2 offers or 10 tasks, you will earn an extra bonus cash everyday. They are refreshing the ads 2-3 times a day, so take a look from time to time. 

     You can also upgrade your account for 17$/year (0.05$/day) to receive at least 4 ads of 0.01$ each everyday. This upgrade is more effective if you have 4-5 referrals because they will pay you 2$ for everyone who activate his account and earns 5$ and will pay you 1$ for every referral of your people up to 8 levels. Imagine that every referral brings 4-5 new people up to the 8th level to Clixsense, you can earn up to 500.000$ (YES 500.000$!!!). The good thing is, that this site allows you to help your direct referrals with info about how to earn more money by sending them emails.

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